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This is the most desired holiday of the year for practitioners of Wicca. Samhain -pronounced Sahm-hayne or Sow-in or sometimes Sah-vin, is the time when all the good, the glorious, the bad and the ugly within the Wicca tradition comes out to commune with, and celebrate the dead, and the cycle of rebirth.

Samhain acknowledges the last of the three harvests, and the welcoming of the darkness as the days get shorter. Witches believe it is a time for hope when old, unwanted situations are hauled away into to the past much like a local towing service would tow an old or illegally parked vehicle away to make room for new ones. It is a time for endings and new beginnings.

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Simple Health Potion and Charm


Wicca as demonstrated through the employment of White Witchcraft gives devoted attention to our Blessed Self. Within the basic premise of Wicca practices, we commit to achieving our desires. We use desire as a Spiritual path, seeing it as a purely human attribute, and after all, God and Goddess made us human.

In the White practice of Wicca, having these natural appetites doesn’t mean putting objects or things before the care and love of life. Hiring a limo company to drive you around town in style doesn’t give anyone the right to run someone over. Of course, desires do not necessarily have to be self centered. They can, and often are in service to the whole. Casting spells, making charms, and potions as a magical way of aiding a process is simply one of the gifts from the world of Wicca Witchcraft.

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