Bringing It Together Through Peace


Peace Wicca

Most people want more financial abundance in their lives. Even those who appear to have plenty are looking for more. The hard reality is that financial freedom doesn’t always come with more money. It’s not unusual for the average person who pursues financial abundance to hit a ceiling, and then want to go through the roof.

Working for the best plumber Kansas City MO has to offer, I learned a great deal about running a business. Even when the toys are lined up in the garage of a 5,000+ sq. ft. home and the closets are full of high end clothes, there can still be something lacking. That’s when some go looking for ways to bring the wealth of peace into their lives.

We are all familiar with how to fill the voids; getting involved in a charity, volunteering, devoting time to a cause or a political campaign, helping at the local shelter or delving into spirituality. Not that the latter is precluded by any of the former, quite the contrary, they say all paths lead to God.

Those who look into the practice of Wicca are usually surprised to find out how “normal” others are who have been devotees of the practice. We are all searching for fulfillment, whether we are conscious of it or not and Wicca is rich with ways to participate in daily life from a variety of different angles.

There are spells that are designed to open the portals of money, health energy, vitality and overall well-being. There are spells to attract love into you life, or the right job, or client. There are spells to help your garden grow. If you are experiencing an emptiness and have all the “things” you want or need, look at this spell for peace of mind.

What you’ll need:
1 green candle
1 blue candle
Wunjo rune – symbol for joy, harmony and balance
sage or incense – whichever makes you feel peaceful
small carving tool – a toothpick works well for this purpose
small vessel – to pour melted wax into

Ground yourself by visioning roots coming from the soles of your feet and extending down into Mother Earth
Cast a circle
Consciously raise the energy around you by concentrating your personal energy emanating from your heart up through your crown into the Great Beyond
Light both candles
As the candles burn let your mind relax into thoughts of peace, balance and harmony
After several minutes – or as long as you like, sit quietly focusing your intent on peace
Once the candles have melted pour out some of the green and blue wax at the same time into the vessel and let them mix naturally
Keep your focus on peace and watch as the wax becomes slightly dry, just enough to be able to carve into it a pentacle
Place the rune Wunjo underneath and say the following:

Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, I evoke thee.
Please bring peace, balance and harmony to me.
Let them permeate my essence, so I will feel their presence.
And it harm none.
So mote it be

Let the candles burn down at their own pace, uniting the green and blue wax occasionally as it melts.
Close your circle (if you had other business to conduct while your circle was open complete that work before closing).
Place the wax in a cold place. After it has cooled, take it off of or out of the small vessel.
Keep the wax near your bedside or on your altar. Cradle it in your hands often in remembrance of the energy it holds. Focus your personal energy on uniting with the peaceful energy the wax retains.

This ritual will bring you into harmony with the natural calm that sometimes lies dormant within. Things, people, situations and money cannot be the root of a fulfilled existence. Even if it appears that we have it all, if we are not at peace we will always be discordant with life.

Find that place of balance through this Wiccan spell and leave a comment below to share your results.