Simple Health Potion and Charm



Wicca as demonstrated through the employment of White Witchcraft gives devoted attention to our Blessed Self. Within the basic premise of Wicca practices, we commit to achieving our desires. We use desire as a Spiritual path, seeing it as a purely human attribute, and after all, God and Goddess made us human.

In the White practice of Wicca, having these natural appetites doesn’t mean putting objects or things before the care and love of life. Hiring a limo company to drive you around town in style doesn’t give anyone the right to run someone over. Of course, desires do not necessarily have to be self centered. They can, and often are in service to the whole. Casting spells, making charms, and potions as a magical way of aiding a process is simply one of the gifts from the world of Wicca Witchcraft.

We all desire good health. As many have discovered, a large family or a large bank account falls short without the physical resources to savor them fully. You might see others enjoy, but keeping your health as a premium should be number one. Incorporate the following potion for good health maintenance into your regular routine as often as you like.

What you’ll need:
½ cup of orange juice
½ cup of papaya juice
1 ripe banana
1 ripe mango
4 ice cubes
Put each into a blender, as you add each component empower it with a Divine blessing by saying,

Oh great and mighty ones,
Guardians of earth, air, fire and water
Give this potion your blessings for good health,
Ayea! Blessed be!

Blend it into a yummy potion and pour it into a glass. Before drinking this lovely concoction, complete the process by toasting to your health, the health of those you love, and the good health of the planet Earth. As you sip it slowly, think of all the blessings in your life, like those who love you and who you love. Think about your talents and the surroundings that please you. With each sip, enhance the potion with feelings of gratitude nourishing each and every part of your body, mind and soul. Use your healthy, focused thoughts to direct energy into the drink that is being ingested to feed your well-being.

When a healing is called for, the following spell is a soothing connection to the Divinity within.

What you’ll need:
A small rose-quartz sphere
A bowl of clean, cool water
Small cloth

Start by centering yourself and taking three deep breaths. Rinse the rose-quartz sphere in the water for at least a minute. Dry it and hold it in your receiving hand. Get into a comfortable position, hold the stone up and gaze at it. Put your entire awareness on the sphere. Look at its details, coloration and shape. Now let your imagination go to the magical aspects of rose-quartz. This little stone carries powerful healing and nourishing light. Imagine it in this way for several minutes. Next take a breath in from the center of the crystal.

Imagine breathing in a rose colored light that fills your entire body. With every breath fill your body, starting at your feet, going up through your ankles, into your legs, hip area, torso, shoulders, arms, hands, spine, all the way through the top of your head. Using your breath, feel your entire body filled with the rose colored healing essence of this powerful stone. Be the rose color that is filling your every fiber and cell. Acknowledge the loving, healing energy that you are holding within as a gift of the rose-quartz. When you are done energizing yourself, say thank you and place the stone somewhere handy to use as often as you like.

Enjoy the benefits of doing these Wicca gifts often. When God and Goddess know you’re honoring yourself, they know they are being honored. Taking care of ourselves serves the whole.

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